Why We’re Here

New Braunfels is experiencing one of the fastest-growing populations in the nation. While new housing is being made available every year, it is not on a level to match the influx of new residents. This has caused a housing crunch and has resulted in inflated rent prices, pushing once-affordable housing out of the grasp of our lower-income residents.

We work in partnership with the City of New Braunfels Workforce Housing Advisory Committee, who has adopted the following goals and strategies:

Affordable Housing in New Braunfels

It is our belief that no person should be without shelter and an opportunity for a safe and fulfilling life. We seek to provide affordable housing and restored security to those in need.

We work in partnership with the City of New Braunfels Workforce Housing Advisory Committee, who has adopted the following goals and strategies:

Goal #1: Reduce percentage of housing cost-burdened families in New Braunfels through affordable rental and home ownership.

  • Target Population: Households with 30%-80% Area Median Income
  • Increase number of subsidized rental units
  • Preserve or update Class B or C multi-family units (80% of multi-family units are Class A)
  • Target Population: Households with 60%-100% Area Median Income
  • Create first time home buyer programs
  • Grow affordable new housing construction- total cost ranging from $150,000 to $225,000
  • Provide density bonuses, altered parking requirements and other incentives in exchange for a percentage of units allocated for workforce housing

Goal #2: Preserve existing affordable housing stock and acquire sites for future workforce housing property.

  • Strategy: Preservation and Restoration of Existing Workforce Housing Stock
  • Home renovation programs through local nonprofit organizations
  • Demolition of homes declared as condemned for re-development
  • Strategy: Future Workforce Housing Property and Land Development
  • Identify and secure property for redevelopment or land for future development
  • Identify nonprofit and/or private partners for large-scale mixed-use/master planned communities and infill development in existing neighborhoods
  • Examine infrastructure provision, development fees and the approval process to ensure City is not counteracting process
  • Ensure City zoning and ordinances related to construction allow for and encourage new types of housing products (small lot, tri and four plexes, townhomes, cottages, etc.)

Homeless in New Braunfels

The housing crunch sometimes effectively means that no viable housing is available for low- or no-income residents. By providing shelter along with programs aimed at providing life skills resources, NB Housing Partners seeks to offer hope to those displaced individuals and families.

People in our community who are homeless or whose housing is unstable remain important- as humans, just like us.  They need our help to navigate lives that have become complicated and we, as a community, are in a position to help them.  People need people to get better, make change and remain on a path that is healthy and hopeful.  In early 2020, a winter shelter in New Braunfels served 107 unduplicated individuals in just 2.5 months, with as much as 75% living in New Braunfels prior to becoming homeless. We know that with the economic impact of the current COVID pandemic, many more individuals and families are reaching a crisis point in their struggle to make ends meet and thus, are at high risk of homelessness.  What would it say about our community if we chose to ignore their needs?

More Resources

For more information on the housing and wage gap in America, visit the National Low Income Housing Coalition at www.nlihc.org. Their website serves as an excellent, endless resource of data and low income housing information.