Why We’re Here

New Braunfels is experiencing one of the fastest-growing populations in the state of Texas. While new housing is being made available every year, it is not on a level to match the influx of new residents. This has caused a housing crunch and has resulted in inflated rent prices, pushing once-affordable housing out of the grasp of our lower-income residents.

Affordable Housing in New Braunfels

It is our belief that no person should be without shelter and an opportunity for a safe and fulfilling life. We seek to provide affordable housing and restored security to those in need.

According to the latest data, the median income of employees in Comal County is $32,838 or $15.79/hr. Our Sunrise Apartment complex will be home to families who make dramatically less than that, so our program would allow them to afford a 2BR apartment which would otherwise be out of their reach. The median Fair Market Rent (FMR) for a 2BR apartment in Comal County is $964/month, and housing is generally regarded to constitute 30% of a family’s net income. This translates to a requirement of $38,560 per year or $18.53 per hour to be able to afford a 2BR apartment on the open market.

Median FMR housing rates in Comal County vs National HUD median

Efficiency 1 BR 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
Comal County Median Market Rate $850 $1,100
HUD 2017 Fair Market Rent $623 $768 $964 $1,273 $1,529

Please note that the Comal County numbers are for rent alone, whereas the HUD numbers include living expenses such as utilities.

Homelessness in New Braunfels

The housing crunch sometimes effectively means that no viable housing is available for low- or no-income residents. By providing temporary shelter along with programs aimed at providing life skills resources, NB Housing Partners seeks to offer hope to those displaced individuals and families.

More Resources

For more information on the housing and wage gap in America, visit the National Low Income Housing Coalition at www.nlihc.org. Their website serves as an excellent, endless resource of data and low income housing information.