Who’s Involved

NB Housing Partners is just that; a partnership of concerned individuals and organizations who seek to make life better for the New Braunfels community. We are powered through the donations and volunteerism of an excellent cadre of compassionate people. We are neighbors helping neighbors.

City of New Braunfels

The City of New Braunfels was instrumental in advancing the cause of NB Housing Partners by retiring the debt on the land purchase for the New Braunfels Food Bank and neighboring Apple Seed Apartment Homes.

McKenna Foundation

McKenna Foundation is committed to housing as a strategic initiative; helping NB Housing Partners combat the cycle of housing insecurity and homelessness in New Braunfels.

New Braunfels Food Bank

Through our partnership with the New Braunfels Food Bank, we’ve been able to orchestrate the development of a 28,000-sq ft. distribution, education, and community center that serves to aid the efficiency of food aid distribution to regional non-profit organizations. The expanded facility also provides much-needed volunteer opportunities and jobs to local residents.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has a number of transitional and permanent housing options in centers throughout Texas that can help. Short term accommodation is sometimes necessary to give individuals and families the time and space to get their lives together. Salvation Army transitional housing programs can offer shelter while providing the time to find a permanent place to live. Those facing eviction, dealing with an addiction, facing a domestic break-up or have another type of housing crisis all find support in Salvation Army’s programs in Comal County.

HIS Centre

At the H.I.S. Centre, our Community Health Program (CHP) seeks to expand access to care in our community, embrace a prevention-driven approach to health, connect citizens to the correct care, and offer health knowledge to shape stronger individuals. In a single year, the needs of hundreds of unique patients were addressed via the program, along with an economic benefit to taxpayers as another one of the positive outcomes.

Join Us!

As with any large charitable undertaking, we operate with the help of volunteers from the surrounding community. Individuals or businesses interested in donating time, money or other resources are encouraged to contact us to see how your gifts might be best employed.