What We Know

RUMOR: A story or statement talked of as news without any proof of truth.
FACT: Something objectively verified with real, demonstrable evidence.

Providing you information to help understand the facts about NB Housing Partners’ First Footing Program

Rumor Fact
The program is not serving local residents. Our priority is, and will remain, our community. First Footing (FF) is assisting people with significant ties to the community. They are our neighbors. Our data shows 82% have lived in the community at least 6 months, an average of 11 years and a median of 3 years. Individuals determined to have more supports in a different community are redirected, and often relocated, to the community that can best support their journey to housing.
The project will result in camping and vagrancy. NB Housing Partners provides space and resources for individuals that seek help. Our goal is to help people leave the streets and gain housing stability, which is the opposite of camping and vagrancy. Camping is not allowed on current or future program grounds.
This project is rushed and not well prepared. NB Housing Partners and the Comal County Homeless Coalition (CCHC) have been studying the needs of the community for a long time. CCHC has been in place since 2004, and have managed the Point In Time (PIT) count to measure changes in volume and circumstances of homelessness in our community since 2009.
After tracking a significant growth in the number of people who were experiencing homelessness more than once and for longer than 6 months, a nationally recognized expert was engaged. A key component of the process solicited local stakeholder input from a) City of New Braunfels to include NBPD, parks, city manager’s office, b) Non-profits to include Communities in Schools, NB Christian Ministries, Connections Individual and Family Services, Salvation Army, Comal County Crisis Center, c) Hill CountyMHDD, the mental health authorities, d) both local school districts, e) both local hospitals.
Using the results of all of these perspectives, CCHC and NB Housing Partners outlined steps to proactively address the growing community need. The implementation of the FF program began in the fall of 2020 and is continually reviewed. 
This project causes an increase in crime in its vicinity. The program provides 24-hour supervision to maintain safety. Reports provided by the NBPD show little to no change in the number, or severity of reports near our First Footing program locations.
McKenna Foundation is providing the entirety of funding for this project. Funding for the First Footing program is coming from a number of sources, including state and federal grants specifically designated for projects like this, area foundations, and local individual and business donations. McKenna’s history of support for housing initiatives is outlined here: McKenna Housing Support. For information specific to McKenna funding please visit their website at www.mckenna.org
The City of New Braunfels is paying for this project. NB Housing Partners has kept city staff and officials up to date as part of its research and planning process. Funding from the city is currently limited to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding that is directed through the City of New Braunfels as part of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and awarded based on an application process. CBDG funding is designed to assist vulnerable populations that experience poverty, abuse, or other circumstances that negatively impact the community at large. The city is not responsible for our mission, services, or project location unless a location falls outside of local ordinances or zoning regulations.


Please consider the following “bombshells” for a moment:

  • “You’re hiding public records because you don’t want the public to know the truth.”
  • “Somebody must be profiting from this process.”
  • “People who provide or advocate for services for the homeless do not care about our community.”

Suddenly, texts and social media starts humming; neighborhood social gatherings confirm the dire news. Social media explodes with more potential rumors, local city officials and school board members are inundated with pleas for action. This can destroy the positive climate that characterizes our community.

NB Housing Partners is committed to communicating honestly and openly. If something you hear doesn’t make sense, is disturbing, conflicts with your previous understanding or in any way upsets your status quo please consider taking the following steps:

NB Housing Partners is here to prevent and end homelessness and improve affordable housing opportunities for individuals and families in our community so that our entire community can thrive. We want you to know everything about current and future activities and plans as they develop and will share information as dreams are solidified into plans.